Tome 1 – Danegeld English version


“The future is only a blank page, it belongs to each of us to write our own.”

Illustratrices/Scénaristes : Cindy et Laura Derieux

Date de parution : 22/08/2014

Collection : Bande dessinée  – 64 pages

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Normandy, 10th century.

The crew of the vikingship Gungnir, Eskil, Tenee, Thormod and his wife Hlif, land on the Lands of their cousin Runi, a young Norman lord. They discover a whrecked boat on the beach: it is the warship of Dithilde, a member of their clan who serves King Sveinn of Denmark. She was in charge of escorting the Danegeld, the treasure of the Danes, from England to Denmark when pirates stole the precious cargo from her. Anxious to rescue Dithilde and wash away the honor of their clan, our heroes go in search of the Danish gold.

Storms, naval battles, secret missions… embark on the vikingship Gungnir in an adventure full of twists and turns at the heart of Viking history !

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